Berlin by Night and Mod in the Light

Mod is a singer.
And a Beliver.
So last Night she sang the Gospel.
Everytime she comes to Berlin
she rehearses with a Gospel Choir.
This time they performed in a church here in Berlin.

Mod sang "go tell it on the mountain" and another one
of which I forgot the title.
That was a pretty intense and religious moment.
As I said before, my sister IS a true, very individual and sometimes weird believer.
While singing she gets pretty emotional.
Her voice is not the main ingredient of the performance
but her talent to touch people's hearts. They relly LISTEN to her.

After that we went for dinner at Helga's,
where waitresses in topless (you can squeeze their titts for a little extra money - and feel dirty about it!) serve excellent local food (not expensive - and a must for every italian tourist who might think that only italians can cook ;-)

And then.
We went to a place called Spielefabrik (insert the word in the "search" line of this blog and you'll know all about this place).
Last night they had a tournament called "to the last drop of blood" - a "practical remake" of fight club. Mod couldn't participate but while watching I kept her on "straight collar" which really exites her every damn' time. She was perfect: dressed like a killer - a female Rottweiler that would defend MY life with her's.

Why this post?
Because she is still sleeping, but when she'll get up and take a look at her beautiful blog...
she'll get crazy at me.
And that's what I LOVE!!!


p.s. sorry, my italian is poor. maybe someone might translate.

7 commenti:

dlx ha detto...

Io voglio sentire il Rottweiler che canta il gospel.
(grazie Tom)

unwise ha detto...

this is one perfect example of brotherly love... :)

Tom ha detto...

deluxa) ...you are wellcome. (saw your pic in the cage. my respect!)

unwise)...not too brotherly, anyway. ;-)


Vittoria A. ha detto...

Hey Mod, next time can you sing for me as well? Please, please, please :)
Kisses from your sweet Vic

mod ha detto...

vic, darling) in effetti il canto è stato la parte migliore della serata (anche se...)

Tom) fuck you!

love to all, mod

listener ha detto...

in Germania io ho sempre mangiato benissimo ;o)

bondearte ha detto...

Hello Mod:
I think this is an excellent combination of
In the morning we go to church! Sing the Gospel!
At lunch in a restaurant with topless attendants
In the evening we go to the home of love! sing heavy rock.
I fully support!
Good day to you pepper blond
I love you much:))