is it love or a drug?!

did you ever ask yourself

if you fuck
or make love
to somebody?

if you feel loved or druged
by that somebody?

if you are the love or the drug of that somebody?

if your answer is "fucked, drug, druged", well, Baby, you should make money out of what you're doing.
if your answer is "love, loved, love", well, baby, you are definitely reading the wrong blog.
if your answer is fuck, loved, drug, well Baby, you're a fine and smart bastard.
if your answer is love, druged, love, well, Baby, you might review your potentials and go into politics.
if....and let me be clear on this: I don't wish it to you.... in all three cases your answer should be "both" - well, Baby, you're in big trouble!

in mod's name, T&S

(photographer: ellen von unwerth)

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